What is Amplify?


Amplfiy is an easy yet powerful way to get your tweets read and shared by more people, and to organically grow your followers.

What problem does Amplify solve?

Currently when you tweet something, you need to hope your tweet is viewed and then liked or retweeted by others. This is a shot in the dark at best since you're the only one tweeting.

But what if you could get a bunch of other people to simultaneously tweet your stuff with you?

When you use Amplify for your feeds, that's exactly what happens: Everybody who clicks your custom share link will share your content for you, automatically!

How does Amplify work?

Using Amplify is easy since it's always on by default. Whenever you save a feed, a custom tweet or Facebook post will be composed inviting people to share your content for you. You can of course modify this before it gets sent, or choose not to send it at all -- it's completely your choice.

Amplfiy + Audience Targeting = Super Mega Awesome Power

By default, Amplify will also include #hashtags you selected when editing your feed. Alternatively, however, if you're using Audience Targeting, we'll @mention the top influencers for your feed. Learn more about Audience Targeting here.

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