What is Twibble Analytics?

Twibble Analytics is an immensely powerful set of tools to help you analyze and understand your customers. Please note that Twibble Analytics requires the twib.in URL shortener and is available exclusively with Twibble Infinite.

Twibble Analytics includes four powerful functions: 

  1. Feed click rate and distribution
  2. Best time to post
  3. Geographical distribution
  4. Hashtag click analytics
We'll now review each of these four functions below.

Feed click rate and distribution: Use this to understand which feeds are getting the most clicks. Click rates in excess of 1.00 mean certain tweets are getting clicked more than once.

Best time to post: 
This graph shows you the distribution of your tweets' clicks over time so you know the optimal time to post content.

Geographical distribution: See from where in the world your followers are engaging with your content.

Hashtag click analytics: Arguably one of the most important functions of Twibble Analytics, this lets you see which hashtags are converting into the most clicks.

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