What is Audience Targeting?

With Audience Targeting, Twibble now allows you to tweet with hyper-targeted precision to reach the most relevant audiences. Audience Targeting comes in two flavors:

(1) Auto mention the top Twitter accounts of a #hashtag: This is the most effective way to reach out to the most powerful influencers for different topics on Twitter. Example: Perhaps you write about #travel; you can now target the most influential Twitter accounts for #travel, like @lonelyplanet.

(2) Auto mention the top followers of another Twitter account: This is a great way to reach your competitors' customers. Suppose you're Mercedes, and you want to target BMW's customers. Easy: just input @BMWUSA and all your tweets will automatically @mention the top influencers of @BMWUSA. Targeted, direct marketing has never been easier, more effective... or more diabolical. :)

So that's Audience Targeting, available exclusively for our Twibble Infinite customers.

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