What are Queued Posts and Custom Posting Times?

What are Queued Posts and Custom Posting Times?

Queued Posts and Custom Posting Times are two separate but related functions.

Queued Posts

Posting from RSS feeds is all well and good, but sometimes you may need -- or simply want -- to compose your own posts. In this case, Queued Posts makes it simple to compose and queue posts to be delivered in the future.

Custom Posting Times

By default, Twibble will post your content based on the frequency of your choosing, distributed evenly throughout a 24 hour day.

Sometimes, however, you may wish to concentrate your posts during certain days, or even during certain times of certain days. This is something you can accomplish quickly and easily with Custom Posting Times.

To see Custom Posting Times in action, click here.

* Custom Posting Times is available only with Twibble Pro and Twibble Infinite.

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